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From California to your doorsteps
Over 20,000 happy customers
Free fast shipping
From California to your doorsteps
Over 20,000 happy customers
Free fast shipping
From California to your doorsteps
Over 20,000 happy customers
Free fast shipping
From California to your doorsteps
Over 20,000 happy customers
Free fast shipping
From California to your doorsteps
Over 20,000 happy customers
Free fast shipping
From California to your doorsteps
Over 20,000 happy customers


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20,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

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“So easy to use! I love that I can plug it in and forget about it. No filters or maintenance. The product is small and discreet so I have them plugged in all over my house.”

- Heather N.

Reviews Reviews

My allergy symptoms have decreased a lot since using this for the last few weeks.sleep also improved alot no more waking up coughing and itching at night.

- Annette D.

Reviews Reviews

I bought two of them, they were delivered in less than a week. Only used it twice so far, in my Master bedroom and guest bedroom, the rooms had a clean smell to them.

- Sharon L.

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90 Day Guarantee
Whisper quiet UVO technology
Easy to use & requires no maintenance
Chemical free
Built-in Safety

Why Uvlizer

Everyone deserves true allergy relief. At Uvlizer, we’re committed to developing new high-tech products to help you breathe easier & sleep better.

Innovative UVO Technology

Our line of UVO & UVC products are designed with cutting-edge research and made from premium materials to treat the root cause of allergies instead of masking the symptoms.

Affordable Pricing

We’re proud to offer a selection of disinfection devices to fit any budget without cutting corners & no hidden expenses.

90-Day Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our products, simply contact our friendly 24/7 support team to return it with a full refund.

Easy to Use & Zero Maintenance

Our devices are intuitively designed for ease of use, and with zero maintenance or filter replacements, you can count on continuous, hassle-free relief from allergens.

How does it work?

Bundles Benefits

Save up to 35%

Whether you're looking to gift allergy relief to your loved ones or ensure an allergen-free environment at home, our “Bundle and Save” deal provides substantial savings.

Efficient Sanitization

Cut sanitization time in half and avoid the hassle of moving a single device from room to room. With one remote you can turn on all of your UVO lamps simultaneously making sure your whole house is free from allergens.

Allergy-free wherever you are

Ensuring every room in your home is protected, from the bedroom to the living area, allows you to spend time freely wherever you want, whenever you want, without worrying about nasty allergy symptoms.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that every corner of your home is completely allergen-free brings unparalleled peace of mind.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a scam? Do you have any evidence it works?

UVC disinfection is not a scam. Many scientific studies, including CDC and EPA studies, prove that UVC light kills almost all biological pollutants and germs.

For example, a study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine named "Effect of germicidal UV-C light(254 nm) on eggs and adult of house dust mites, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farinae" showed the efficacy of UVC on killing dust mites and their eggs.

The EPA also states that "UV lamps may destroy indoor biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, and molds."

In addition to UVC, countless research suggests that Ozone fumigation applied at appropriate concentrations could effectively control several disturbing organisms like dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pests, etc.

UVO254™ lamps combine both UVC and Ozone for maximum effectiveness.

Is Uvlizer UVO254™ Lamp Safe?

UVO disinfection is perfectly safe if it's used correctly.

Because exposure to UVC light can damage your skin or eyes (like exposure to sun rays would do), you need to keep people, pets, and plants out of the room while Uvlizer is working. This is the small price you pay for a 99.99% allergen-free, germ-free, and garden-fresh space.

The Uvlizer Home Disinfection device also has two great features to avoid accidental exposure to the UVC light or the Ozone. (1) It has a remote control that can be used from afar, and (2) it has a self-delay timer for up to 30 seconds with beeping sounds allowing one to leave the room before the bulb lights up.

How is the UVO254™ Lamp different from traditional UVC lamps or Ozone generators?

UVO254™ Lamps combine UV-C and Ozone to allow room-wide air and surface cleaning.

Traditional UV-C lamps can be great! It has been proven that they kill 99.9% of biological pollutants. Airlines and hospitals are even using them to ensure the safety of their spaces.

But there's a catch...

UV-C light is most effective when it lands directly on surfaces. If it's reflected, it quickly loses efficiency. As a result, UV-C lamps alone are ineffective for home use. A better solution is to use UV-C handheld devices to apply direct light to surfaces. But who has time for that? Plus, that doesn't disinfect the air.

Ozone can be great on its own for some purposes as well. It reacts with germs, bacteria, viruses, and other organic compounds, giving it disinfectant properties.

That's why it's used in hospitals and operating rooms. However, depending on the size of the room, a traditional ozone generator should run for at least 3 to 10 hours. For a whole house, at least 25-30 hours of continuous operation is required to eliminate most pollutants.

Additionally, you should avoid staying in the room while the ozone generator is running and find a new place to stay. After that, you need to wait another 4-6 hours for the Ozone to dissipate.

So by combining UVC and Ozone, you can get synergistic disinfection and increase the effectiveness of UVC while decreasing the time required for Ozone to work. In 15-60 minutes, you'd get the same level of sanitization as someone running an Ozone generator for 25-30 hours!

Using UVO254™ bulbs, Uvlizer's lamp disinfects a room from top to bottom, including hard-to-reach places and even the air.

Does it work on mold?

UVC light does work on mold. However, some molds are more difficult to kill and may take longer exposure times or multiple exposures.

Does it work on bed bugs? Insects? ...

Yes, UVO254™ lamps effectively kill bed bugs, pests, and insects.

Etymologists (scientists who study insects) and other specialists agree that UVC light can kill insects and pests by mutating their DNA. Also, Ozone in its gaseous form can kill insects and pests primarily by targeting their respiratory system.

What happens to allergens and germs after being broken down?

The UVO254™ Lamp breaks down the allergens' DNA completely, making them non-identifiable to the human body and thus ineffective at triggering an allergic reaction.

How long does the bulb last? What if I need a new bulb?

The lifetime of the UV bulb is very long! It's over 5,000 hours. Think of it this way: if you use it every day, it will take more than 12 years to reach 5,000 hours.

If you do need a replacement bulb, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we can order one for you.

Does the UV light lose potency over time?

The UV output of all light tubes will very slowly decrease over time due to the buildup of residue inside the tube. However, industry experts say that you can operate a light tube continuously for up to a year - or 9,000 hours - before you need to replace it due to diminished UV output. That is well beyond the lifetime of the Uvlizer bulb, which is 5,000 hours, and will provide many years of effective sanitization.

Can I use Uvlizer to sterilize my phone or other personal items?

Although it's better to use our UVBox, which is specifically designed for this, you can use Uvlizer by creating a disinfecting room and putting everything you want to disinfect in the room.

Customer Reviews

Based on 967 reviews
Judy Hall (Lakeland, US)

We are very happy with this product. We’ve used them 3-4 times in our house while out for shopping or dinner. Everything smelled fresh & clean when we returned. My husband has even used them to clean the inside of our vehicles.It took a dead mouse smell away from one vehicle that we’d worked on for months trying to get rid of which really made us smile! Thank you Uvlizer!

Paul Rosell (Wichita, US)
Dust allergies MUCH better.

I have only had to use my Fluticasone nasal spray once in the last several weeks. I used to need it almost every morning. This product works! It does kill dust mites.

Mike (Bluefield, US)
Got what i paid for,

These are amazing , first time i ever bought anything on line that outperformed my expectations. I turned this on for an hour , in my kitchen because of the cooking smells and some lingering garbage odors. I went out for a couple of hours and when and when I returned the kitchen smelled so fresh, I couldn’t believe no lingering smells from cooking and no garbage odors. Absolutely fantastic product, just have see how long the bulbs last. Did the same thing in my musky smelling basement cleared the smells there as well!

Donna Boothby (Palm Harbor, US)

Due to the size and lightweight design, I can move this around to different rooms easily. I've only had it a short time, but am averaging twice a week usage in my bedroom. I've also used it in other rooms. Seems to work at clearing the air. Don't know how much it cleans, but the ozone definitely purifies. I have another ozone machine, but it is heavy and awkward to use. This is much more convenient.

Bradley Shirley (Grove City, US)

Since I bought my first uvlizer I’ve bought 2 more, my allergies have gone away and I’m not waking up sneezing or itching eyes anymore,
I bought one for my daughter and brother who both have allergies and it has helped both of them also. Who knew that something like this would make such a big difference in how much better it makes you feel.

MsWendy Hampton (Parksville, CA)

Once I got it together, I was truly amazed how well the ozone worked. Now I have peace of mind, knowing that I can help control, viruses and bacteria in my home. Thank You Uvlizer Team.

John Peters (London, GB)
UVlizer York

Very pleased so far helps with asthma and allergies

Roanne (Smithers, CA)
Love the clean smell

We have a in-home business and our stock room gets musty smelling. I run my uvilizer and in the morning I go into a fresh smelling room. I don’t have allergies so I can’t speak to that but it definitely cleans the air