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By now the message should be clear: WASH YOUR HANDS!

By now the message should be clear: WASH YOUR HANDS!

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. If someone doesn’t catch their coughs and sneezes in tissue and safely dispose of it, the virus can end up on surfaces. Those contaminated surfaces are surfaces you, you can’t help but touch. Say door handle, elevator buttons, faucet handle…

Since our hands can pick up 30–50% of the organisms on the surfaces we touch. The virus can transfer onto your hand easily. And if you have the virus on your hands, guess what’s next? Right, you can infect yourself by touching your eyes, mouth or nose.

Uh, Not Funny Right?

Well, you may be thinking that you don’t touch your face very often. But we can ensure you that it’s much more than you realize. A 2015 study found that people touch their faces an average of 23 times an hour.

So, simply handwashing correctly can help reduce viral contamination risk by 60-70%. Here’s the catch, however. Most people do it wrong. And when we say wrong we mean very wrong.

What’s the number one mistake people out see? They touch the faucet after finishing...

Faucet Handles Are One Of The Most Germ-Infected Parts Of A Restroom/Kitchen.

 If you are using a manual one, pushing it off with your hand will recontaminate your hands.

This is why manual faucets are far from an ideal solution if you want optimal hygiene and protection from viruses in your home, especially in those tough times. If you are a germ freak like us and you follow the ‘Don’t touch anything in your home before handwashing’ policy, touching the soap/gel dispenser will face you with a big dilemma.

We found a solution to that problem. It is called the automatic faucet converter. Contrary to other solutions, this device doesn’t require any complicated installation. It’s a plug and play device that doesn’t require you to be an expert plumber to install and doesn’t involve changing the faucet.


Check It Out Here.

Here at Stay Home Movement, we want to empower people to stay home and practice social distancing without compromising their quality of life with the increased hours spent at home.