UVBOT™ - UV-C Sanitizing Robot UVBOT™ - UV-C Sanitizing Robot
UVBOT™ - UV-C Sanitizing Robot
Sanitize Your Bed, Sofa, and everything in between… Have you ever dreamed of having a little genie that may be able to disinfect your bed and sofa in a matter of minutes? No?  Ok, maybe not everyone is a germ freak like we are. But whether the answer is a yes or a no, we believe that UVBot™ will change your home hygiene forever.Our newly designed device can automatically move on the top of any furniture and sanitize it using advanced UV-C technology and AI-powered 2D Mapping. With its 4 UV lights, UVBot™ moves while helping to deactivate bacteria, viruses, and dust mites, preventing them from spreading into the air. The intelligent sensing technology allows UVBot™ to penetrate under the covers and even under the pillow to achieve full coverage.  With a press of a button, you can switch between two modes of functioning. A handheld mode for targeted use and an automatic mode that allows you to set it and forget it. Plus, it features a smart pathfinder that prevents it from falling off the table or the bed. UVBot™ had beaten sales records when we launched it earlier this year and was featured in multiple magazines.  Features: Pocket-sized and ready for traveling: Meet your new best travel buddy! It can sanitize and disinfect all hotel surfaces. Smart Sensor and 2D Mapping: The UVBot will never get stuck in the bed or fall off of a sofa. It has 18 smart AI sensors to keep the robot going. Works on fabrics but also on hardwood or flat surfaces: UVBot was tested on more than 40 different types of materials and fabrics for sheets and blankets, as well as testing different sizes and shapes of beds, in order to gather and analyze all data and create the best AI and sensors. Specifications: Charging mode: USB cable Power: 3.4W Battery capacity: 4800mAh Charging time: 0.5h Working time: 120min Size: 5*16*16cm Material: ABS Color: white
UVO254™ -  Powered Home Disinfection Tower UVO254™ -  Powered Home Disinfection Tower
UVO254™ - Powered Home Disinfection Tower
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You turn the UVO Lamp on, then leave the room. It's as simple as that! Suitable for 100-250 sq ft - The 38W bulb in UVO Lamp can easily disinfect a whole 250 sq ft room like a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. That means you can protect yourself and your family without worrying about other side effects. Total peace of mind! Chemical-Free - With UVO Lamp, you can minimize your toxic chemical exposure due to household cleaners and disinfectants. Don’t compromise your health while staying safe. It's great for the surfaces, the environment, your time, and your wallet. The freshest smell you’ve ever experienced - After one use, your home will have an oddly fresh scent that smells like nothing you've smelled before. Many homes with pets or kids can benefit from UVO Lamp! Can be used on any household item - Use it on silverware, dishes, telephone handsets, laptops, or other home appliances. You can even create a sterilization room where you put everything you want to disinfect once you get home. Lightweight and portable - UVO Lamp is small and light, allowing it to fit in your luggage easily. With public life and traveling resuming soon, Uvlizer™ will keep you safe wherever you go, whether BNBs or hotel rooms. Safety timer - The safety timer built-in UVO Lamp will prevent any accidental exposure to its UV rays and will give you plenty of time to leave the room. Plus, the internal timer will allow you to set the cleaning cycle depending on your needs. You can even set the timer at night, go to sleep, then wake up to a clean and safer environment. Not Only for Your Home - UVO Lamp is also suitable for disinfecting other places you spend time in. Many of our customers are using it to fight infections in their office, hair salon, spa, dental office, waiting room… A One Time Investment In Your Health That Will Pay For Itself Think to yourself, how many times would you need to buy all-purpose cleaners? Or how many times would you need to buy bleach and disinfectants? All of these are called consumables. In contrast, UVO Lamp is a one-time investment that will enhance your health and your loved ones’ health while saving you money along the way. You can forget about your worries from using wipes or chemicals or having a house smelling like bleach most of the time. Try It Before You Decide With Our 90-Days-No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee. You make an order, receive it, then try it for a while. Suppose for any given reason you don't like it. Or maybe your spouse doesn't like it. Or you might feel like it's not adding value to your life. Even if you just need your money back because of urgency, then reach out to our 24/7 customer support team within 90 days of making your purchase, and we will provide a full refund. FREE 24/7 SHIPPING FROM CALIFORNIA TO YOUR DOORSTEP
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The Safer The Better! The Hangable Uvlizer Now Added We thought you might like this easily-hangable UV-C sterilizer lamp, that uses an infrared sensor to automatically shut off whenever a person is detected to ensure maximum safety. Why people usually buy this as the ideal match to Uvlizer: Fast disinfection of 30s Automatically shuts off when someone is detected thanks to its infrared sensor Portable and easily hangable everywhere around the house Powerful UV-C sterilizer lamp Such a convenient and discreet size that it almost goes unseen Large Capacity built-in battery that can offer up to 300 sterilizations per charging This little guy is specially designed for doorknobs or elevator buttons, wardrobes, shoes or cloth cabinets, and even for toilets and kitchen cupboards.It not only uses its ultraviolet disinfection powers to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in all microbes and germs, but it also offers a 180°-angle-range that’s adjustable to fit your application choice. What we love the most about it is that it’s powerful, and yet it’s so small it almost goes unnoticed. It’s independent, you don’t have to worry about interfering with its operation phase at any given moment. It’s quick, the disinfection will barely take a minute, in fact, it only takes half of that. 30 seconds and the specific area is completely sanitized! Plus it serves as a perfect complement to Uvlizer!
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Your Specialized Uvlizer Now Available We value your cautiousness and sense of responsibility, we decided we wouldn’t just leave you to that. Instead, we would reveal what’s been recommended as a perfect addition to Uvlizer. We thought you might like this newly-designed Multifunctional UV-C Sterilizer that works wonders for the corners and surfaces that need extra attention because of their higher exposure to bacteria and germs. The Multifunctional UV-C Sterilizer is easily hangable on your toilet lid, your trash can lid, inside your shoe cabinet (at the top), or alcohol cabinet, in your closet… and the list goes on! You can even use it for specific items and housewares that you need to give extra attention to. Thanks to its UV-C light tube and its disinfecting properties, you’ll get rid of the nasty micro-organisms that are hiding on most surfaces around the house, like bacteria, viruses, germs, and harmful contaminants like mites and molds. And what’s even better is that it gets the job done in no time! All it needs is 6 minutes and you’re good to go! This Multifunctional UV-C Sterilizer is also EPA certified, which means that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has examined both our product and our making-process, and has certified that we deliver a quality-focused result and that we’re meeting the EPA’s standards for protecting the environment. What’s also great about the Multifunctional UV-C Sterilizer is its portable design. In fact, it won the RedDot Design Award thanks to both the convenience and the modern look. What amazes us the most is that it’s so tiny and yet so powerful, plus, it’s super comfortable in the hand and easily adapts to any surface where you would need to hang it.People usually buy it to match their Uvlizer Purchase because: It’s perfect for surface-oriented disinfection It’s effective and yet very quick It uses a UV source for Environment Protection It offers low maintenance costs It provides more safety and protection by getting rid of bacteria, viruses, germs, and mites It’s not only light-weighted but is also so small that it almost goes unnoticed It has an ergonomic and portable design, so you can take it anywhere with you for quick items-disinfection needs
UVBox™ - UV Sanitization Box UVBox™ - UV Sanitization Box
UVBox™ - UV Sanitization Box
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  Do you know how dirty your phone is? You know your phone is dirty. But do you know how dirty and germ-covered it is? A recent study found that a typical phone is covered with 25,127 bacteria per square inch. That’s 18 times more germs than a public toilet seat! It turns out that disinfecting your phone regularly is a really good idea. But how to go about doing it? You don’t want to use harsh cleaners on your phone multiple times a day – that wouldn’t be good for your phone (or your hands). And you sure can’t wash your phone with soap and water. That’s why we came up with a new solution called UVBox™. It uses ultraviolet (UVC) technology to destroy most of the micro-organisms. UVBox™ is a compact, portable device that may allow you to disinfect any small personal items, including phones and accessories, keys, jewelry, and dental devices. Just put it in your UVBox™ for 5-10 minutes, and your items may come out free of germs, including viruses. Not only that, but your things will also have a clean, refreshing odor. That’s because UVBox™ also has an essential oil diffuser that works in tandem with UVC light to leave your items as clean and fresh as can be. Package Contains: 1 x UVBox  1 x USB cable 1 x User Manual Not just for your health…. For your peace of mind.
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
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Protect your self when you head out! Life is completely changed due to the recent pandemic, and we are all taking precautions to ensure that our families are safe and protected. One of our most important needs as humans is food, and at some point, we must leave the house and go shopping. This exposes us and the products we purchase to germs. Supermarkets, markets, and shopping centers are listed among the top high-risk places for infections, not just from this pandemic, but general infections from exposure to different microorganisms in public places including bacteria and viruses. Let us be honest, you must wash everything you buy to make sure it’s clean to your standards – otherwise you’d be placing your safety in a stranger’s hands. UVBag is made to help you disinfect your purchase as fast as possible. You can save time and be confident because UVBag packs a secret weapon: UV Light disinfection. The UVBag was made for the purpose of keeping you safe while you are on the move or shopping. It allows you to disinfect items Features: One-Click UV Disinfection: UVBag uses powerful UV disinfection to ensure that the items are sterilized and disinfected. Using one-click disinfection, you can easily kill viruses and bacteria on your any small personal items, including phones, accessories, keys, jewelry, and other devices. Lightweight and Portable: UVBag is light and you can easily carry it when you head out to do your shopping.   Easy to Clean: The outer coating of UVBag is waterproof and you can easily wipe off any spills. With an inner lining of aluminum and high-grade material on the outside, you get double protection from fluid spills.