USB Type - Micro-USBClear filters
Color - Black
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Have Your Uvlizer Right In Your Pocket!

We value your cautiousness and sense of responsibility, we decided we wouldn’t just leave you to that. Instead, we would reveal what’s been recommended as a perfect addition to Uvlizer.

It’s this miracle on-the-go mini Uvlizer version that does not require anything more than your phone to get the job done while you go about your day and roam around everywhere!

Imagine how reassuring it would feel to have a Uvilzer alternative that not only fits right in your pocket, but that also gets rid of all the constraining plugging worries that you may have while sanitizing any suspicious item that may put your health at risk!

And what’s also great about this MiniUV sterilizer, is that it eliminates viruses, microbes, and germs in only 15s thanks to its double-action disinfection with both UV-C light and UV-A for even more effectiveness.

It fits right in your pocket, plus, it’s an ideal solution to sterilize your phone (or any electronic gadgets), your housewares, and even shipped boxes to make sure no harmful microorganisms are introduced into the house.

It’s simple, all you need to do is plug it. You can choose between 3 options before you buy your Pocket UV so that it matches your exact needs:

  • iPhone interface
  • Type-C interface
  • Micro-USB interface


People usually buy it to match their Uvlizer Purchase because:

  • You can take it anywhere with you for an all-day-long use thanks to its Pocket-size.
  • Super powerful disinfection with a double-action of both UV-C and UV-A light!
  • Extra fast! 15s-long sterilization!
  • Eliminates the most stubborn microorganisms, from viruses and bacteria to fungus and germs.
  • Perfect to sanitize any small items (ie: Your cell-phone, electronic gadgets, housewares…)