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ROOM spray

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Unlocking the secret behind the tranquility of a 5-star hotel room, the "Turn Down Spray" stands out as more than your average room freshener. It is highly recommended by wellness specialists, aroma therapists, and thousands of delighted customers!

✅ Odor-Neutralizing: Expertly crafted to eliminate unwanted odors, ensuring your space remains fresh and welcoming.

✅ Stress-Reducing Herbal Infusion: Packed with natural ingredients known for their stress-reducing properties, it promotes relaxation and a chill vibe.

✅ Hotel Room Ambiance: Transform any room into a luxurious retreat, mimicking the serene environment of a 5-star hotel.

✅ Long-Lasting Freshness: Designed for enduring scent, providing a lasting sense of cleanliness and sophistication.

✅ Eco-Conscious Choice: Formulated with environmentally friendly, natural ingredients, prioritizing your health and the planet.

✅ Soothing Scent: A delicate balance of aromas that soothe without overwhelming, perfect for creating a peaceful space.

✅ Safe for Pets: Carefully selected ingredients ensure it’s safe to use around your beloved pets.

✅ Unique and Refreshing: A blend of breathable, invigorating, and durable herbal essences, setting a new standard for room sprays. 

Customer Reviews

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W. (Khmelnytskyi, UA)
Transports You To A Fancier Place

PlaceBeen spraying this room spray everywhere, I close my eyes and pretend I'm in a hotel or spa. Plus, it’s already affordable and i got a massive discount because i’m a Uvlizer customer ! SO HAPPY

g. (Khmelnytskyi, UA)
Perfect room spray

I always love when I go to a clean smelling hotel always wanted to know where do they get their fragrance spray from. I even ask the housekeepers they wouldn’t tell , they always show u a spray bottle full of water but never what you’re smelling!
I’m pleased to say I found it. Paired with my Uvlizers, it's like bringing a slice of heaven into my home. It feels like heaven.

V. (Khmelnytskyi, UA)
Chic Smell

I've been using a uvlizer to get rid of stinky odors once a week, and the improvement was noticeable, but adding this aromatic spray was the cherry on top! Both the bedroom and the kids' rooms feel 100% fresher. With this delightful scent, it seems like our spaces are more inviting, and we've all noticed a the purified breathing space!