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UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag
UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag

UVBag - UV-C Sanitization Bag

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Protect your self when you head out!

Life is completely changed due to the recent pandemic, and we are all taking precautions to ensure that our families are safe and protected.

One of our most important needs as humans is food, and at some point, we must leave the house and go shopping. This exposes us and the products we purchase to germs.

Supermarkets, markets, and shopping centers are listed among the top high-risk places for infections, not just from this pandemic, but general infections from exposure to different microorganisms in public places including bacteria and viruses.

Let us be honest, you must wash everything you buy to make sure it’s clean to your standards – otherwise you’d be placing your safety in a stranger’s hands. UVBag is made to help you disinfect your purchase as fast as possible. You can save time and be confident because UVBag packs a secret weapon: UV Light disinfection.

The UVBag was made for the purpose of keeping you safe while you are on the move or shopping. It allows you to disinfect items


  • One-Click UV Disinfection:

UVBag uses powerful UV disinfection to ensure that the items are sterilized and disinfected. Using one-click disinfection, you can easily kill viruses and bacteria on your any small personal items, including phones, accessories, keys, jewelry, and other devices.

  • Lightweight and Portable:

UVBag is light and you can easily carry it when you head out to do your shopping.  

  • Easy to Clean:

The outer coating of UVBag is waterproof and you can easily wipe off any spills. With an inner lining of aluminum and high-grade material on the outside, you get double protection from fluid spills.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What are the key specifications of the Sterilizing Bag?

  • Main material: Fabric
  • Wavelength: 270-280 (nm)
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 250x200x260mm
  • UV LED Quantity: 9 tiny pieces of LED lights
  • Input Interface: Type-C
  • UVC LED Lifespan: up to 10,000 hours
  • Sterilization Efficiency: 99.9%
  • Net Weight: about 590g
  • Temperature:

(a)Working: 0 to 40℃

(b)Storage: -20 to 55℃

  • Humidity:

(a)Working: 5 to 90% Relative Humidity

(b)Storage: 5 to 95% Relative Humidity

  • DC Input: 5V, 1A
  • Power Supply: USB Charging
  • Power: 5 watts
  • Disinfection Time: up to 3 minutes
  • Certification: CE/ROH/FCC

What is a UVC LED Sterilizing Bag?

The UVC LED Sterilizing Bag is powered by UV LED technology that can easily and quickly sterilize while storing them safe and secured. At one click (turn on and off), it can sterilize up to 3 minutes.

Is it safe to use with UVC light?

Based on studies, exposure to UVC light may cause irritation to skin and eyes. This UVC LED Sterilizing Bag is equipped with special safety design. When the unzipping or opening the cover, the UVC light automatically turns off. Keep away from children playing it. Empty also bottles or any liquid when sterilizing to also avoid spillage.

How big is the compartment for sterilization?

The top sterilizing area is 200mm*130mm*140mm and the bottom storage space is 240mm*160mm*90mm.

Does the storage area have UVC lights too?

The 9 beads of UV lights are only found on the sterilizing compartment. The lower area is only intended for storing items that have been sterilized already or simply for storage purposes only

How does it power on?

The Sterilizing Bag functions by plugging it on a power bank or a mobile / phone charger plug with an output of 5V only. It will use a Type-C socket to connect to the power supply. When it is plugged, a blue light comes on. When the blue light is flashing, the disinfection begins. If it is not in use for one minute, the blue light turns off. Make sure power banks are fully charged and/or the adapter meets the output voltage of 5V or 1A

Can the bag be washed or soaked?

No washing and soaking for the bag as it has electrical wirings that if maybe wet may cause short electrical circuits. To keep it clean, you may use disinfecting cleaning wipes and keep it dry at all times.

Does the bag come with a warranty?

The bag has a 1 year warranty from the time it was purchased. The warranty expires if there’s any malfunction due to misuse of the device especially when not stated on the manual. Disassembling the machine without any permission, collision or wrong voltage input hampers the validity of the warranty.

If one of the bead lights gets busted, can it be replaced?

The busted lights cannot be replaced without any professional help. It should be sent back to the warehouse for fixing or for replacement. Mishandling may result in a warranty void